Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why You Should Vote For Obama

Here's the inspirational reason:

And here's the intellectual reason. Andrew Sullivan's conclusion to this piece sums up this intellectual reason nicely:

Sometimes, when the world is changing rapidly, the greater risk is caution. Close-up in this election campaign, Obama is unlikely. From a distance, he is necessary. At a time when America’s estrangement from the world risks tipping into dangerous imbalance, when a country at war with lethal enemies is also increasingly at war with itself, when humankind’s spiritual yearnings veer between an excess of certainty and an inability to believe anything at all, and when sectarian and racial divides seem as intractable as ever, a man who is a bridge between these worlds may be indispensable.

We may in fact have finally found that bridge to the 21st century that Bill Clinton told us about. Its name is Obama.
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Drive-By Blogger said...

Hey Uppy! Happy New Year my bossom buddy.

Hidalgo mio amigo, that bridge that Clinton was talking about was the one that goes to 21st Center, E. over the Potomac. That’s where all the massage parlors are over in DC.

Not to worry my little Pedro, I am gonna profile each candidate very soon.

Brian said...

Hola Jimmy,

It will nice to have a president who doesn't practice the 51% policy and who is actually concerned with people over politics. Not to mention someone who can actually SPEAK! I am might be able to watch the Station of the Union again - something I used to enjoy under Clinton.

Getting blogging my friend.