Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conservative Nihilism

Is it just me, or is the obsession that many conservatives have with taking down the Obama administration reaching unseemly and gross proportions?  Are they really to the point where the talk of impeachment is being considered with any measure of seriousness?  Really?!?  And this coming after a Republican administration that actually committed war crimes and engaged in unapologetic torture?

Well, let the prosecution games begin!

While Congressional Republicans start their impeachment games over bureaucratic inter-agency mumbo-jumbo infighting in emails about the Benghazi tragedy, perhaps the Obama administration can start war crimes investigations against the entire Bush/Cheney apparatus.

As to the whole IRS targeting Tea Party groups, well there is a problem at one level in the sense that the IRS needs to be an equal opportunity watchdog against violations of the law.  But all this means in my eyes is that the IRS's mistake is not in questioning the tax-exemption legitimacy of the OBVIOUSLY PARTISAN AND POLITICAL conservative Tea Party groups, but rather not also doing the same to the OBVIOUSLY PARTISAN AND POLITICAL Liberal groups.

And let's not be so dense, people.  We absolutely know that Karl Rove's Super-PAC is, without a doubt, blatantly partisan and political in just about 100% of its activities.  It's laughable to think that Karl Rove's Super-PAC is a "social welfare" organization that would make it a tax-exempt organization.  And EVERYONE knows this.

If conservatives want to cry foul and say that the mean old IRS is only concerned with the illegality of conservative groups, and not also with the illegality of similar liberal groups, they can go ahead and cry foul till they are blue in the face.  But, that STILL doesn't change the FACT of the illegality of these conservative groups when they fraudulently claim tax-exempt status.  The IRS SHOULD be investigating these groups.  And the IRS should also be targeting and harassing liberal groups who play fast and loose with this tax-exempt boondoggle.

You know, the delusional blindness that caused conservatives to make complete asses of themselves during the last Presidential election (remember Karl Rove's embarrassing meltdown on FoxNews?) seems to still be at work here as well.  The average, sane person who looks at what's going on today with the GOP obsession with Benghazi and with the manufactured outrage at the IRS, can clearly discern what's going on and will certainly arrive at the conclusion that the GOP has lost its friggin' mind.

I have never seen such nihilism have such a profound grip on a huge part of a political movement in my entire life.  It's just pure ugly to watch.