Friday, January 25, 2008

Where's Huck?

I'm still here, just trying to keep the head above water at work. It's always busiest the first few weeks of the semester. One needs to get classes going, prepare lectures, orient students, do lots of small, but important administrative tasks relative to the beginning of any new project, which is how I view every new semester.

Besides, too, Mardi Gras comes early this year. Feb. 5 to be exact. And I ride in the Thoth parade, which means that when I have any free time these days, it gets consumed by the Mardi Gras agenda - getting throws, visiting float dens, preparing to ride, and even trying to soak in a few other parades in the meantime. It also usually means extra parties and more out-of-town guests to entertain. But, I'm not complaining. It's a great time of the year. I, for one, very much enjoy it.

As usual, I will have some of my students pick up work on another blog site that I use more as a pedagogical tool than for any other reason. So, if you are ever interested in Latin American affairs, and feel so inclined to see how a group of novice student bloggers take up the challenge of blogging, you should check out this blog. It's called Cuaderno Latinoamerican, or the "Latin American Notebook."

I'll try to pick up the blog posting pace as the semester gets more into a rhythm. Maybe I'll have more to say on the Democratic Presidential Primary race following the South Carolina primary election tomorrow. I have some in-law relatives in South Carolina, so I'm getting a bit of an inside peek at what's going on there. Of course, my hope is that Obama wins decisively and thus picks up some good momentum heading into Super Tuesday -- Mardi Gras day, for that matter. But we shall see ...

Until the next time, amig@s.

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