Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Obama Transcends Even In Conceding

I tell you, I just watched Obama give what apparently was a concession speech in New Hampshire; but listening to him speak and the manner of his speaking, one would think that America won, even if he didn't. The man is perhaps the best orator I have witnessed in modern times. Only Bill Clinton can even approach it. I tell you, the Republicans have nothing on the Democrats in terms of the ability to give fantastic public speeches.

I have to say that I had a bit of that empty feeling in my gut seeing the returns come in favoring Clinton. And then I watched Obama talk. And that feeling dissipated. And I even began to think that should Hillary take the nomination in the end, it will still all be good in the end for America.

Obama is the real deal. And I look forward to his battling it out with Hillary in the weeks to come.

I am becoming more and more certain of one thing: the Democratic Party is back, it is invigorated, and it is renovated. Whether he wins or not (and I'm still convinced he will win it all and win it big), Obama has radically changed the terms of our politics and the Democratic party's path to victory in November.

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