Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Inside the Academy Beltway

This week, we started classes. As usual, I'm consumed by the moment of getting this new semester off the ground. Consequently, I haven't had much time (nor much energy, frankly) to stretch beyond the confines of the Ivory tower (at least in ways that aren't directly related to my work as an educator).

So, I confess to being completely out of the loop on the Jindal inauguration. Not that I mind it so much, since I am completely unenthused about his impending reign. I wish the man well and I hope he delivers positive things for Louisiana. I can even muster up some hope that he might just do so; but I am certainly not emotionally invested in his administration.

On the national front, the Obama/Clinton rivalry is kinda in a breather space. Not much of note, I think, going on there. Even the "putting the race card to rest" moment didn't strike me as all that attention worthy. Perhaps that is because I am in my little bubble.

But there is also always the excitement of the start of a new term. And that's nice. It gives me energy of a different sort in a different way.

I'm teaching a new course, too, which adds to the excitement. The title of the course is "Social Justice in the Americas." It's a course that is heavily invested in the integration of community service and classroom learning. My students and I will be knee-deep in an exciting project called "LatiNOLA Votes," which is a voter registration drive targeted towards the metro New Orleans area Latino citizenry. Our community partner is an organization called Puentes, which is run under the auspices of the Hispanic Apostolate of the Arch-diocese of New Orleans. I'm working with some great people who have seemingly boundless amounts of energy and a commitment to community action, organizing, and service that is both impressive and humbling. In my standard introductory course on Latin America, I'll have some students working with the ESL program at St. Anna's Episcopal Church on Esplanade Ave., and other students working on labor rights and wage claims with the Interfaith Worker's Justice Center on Canal Street.

So that's where I am currently. But, I'm also very much thinking about Mardi Gras, too! I ride in the Thoth parade in a few short weeks, and it's always a highlight of my year. If you don't know already, the Thoth parade rides on Sunday, Febrary 3, in the late morning. We're scheduled to start rolling down our unique Uptown route at 11:00-11:30am (can't remember exactly when, at the moment). If any of you reading this plan to be out at Thoth on Sunday morning (and do a Rain Dance to keep the bad weather away!), especially if you'll be out with your kids (Thoth is a very kid-friendly parade), drop me an email at huckupchuck-at-hotmail-dot-com and I'll give you my float details and position.


D-BB said...

Hi there Hucky! How are you?

Look, I forgive you for the incident last week. I am taking u off the top of my blog roll. I think you suffered enuff.

However, I do have a favor. You are a professor at a university, right? Do they have art classes over there and if so, can you find out when they gonna have naked women and how about you and me going in and act like we drawing them and stuff then afterwards, we can grab a beer or 4 or 7 or 8.


Huck said...

Yeah, there are art classes here; but the kind of naked women that they might use as models are not necessarily the kind you'd want to look at. But, then again, you don't strike me as the picky type.

Now although I'm all for getting some beers with the buddies, and would certainly enjoy getting sauced with you, what is a bit disturbing is that you'd want to go with me to look at a bunch of nude women and then, after getting all hot and bothered, instead of hoping to hang out with them afterwards, want to hang out with me, and get me drunk to boot. Scary!

D-BB said...

Wait a second. First, my standards are quite low so as long as they are naked, I'm in.

Now for that Homo sapiens sexually reversed feelings you are alluding to, I ain't gay. Not even mildly happy.

Just for that remark, u remain punished at the top of my blog roll thru da weekend buster.

Huck said...

Dang! But I guess I can live with the extended punishment, since I'm much relieved to know that your intentions are purely hetero male bonding. Better to find myself on the top of your blogroll for a couple more days and be sure of where we stand!