Monday, January 21, 2008

Obama at Ebenezer

Here's the video. Watch it and be moved:


jkim said...

cool photo jimmy. is that prof stacey in the background?

Huck said...

Hi, Jon - Yep! You guessed it. That's Prof. Stacey all blurry in the background. Hey, when are you returning? Is it this semester or are you gone for the year? I can't remember.

D-BB said...

Hi there Hucky. Don't you love watching Hillary squirm. Don't know about u, but this is a kick in the ass.

I think Bill is getting desperate 'cause if Hillary loses, he stands to lose so much...if u know what I mean.

Cynthia said...

did you watch the debates the other night? i was shocked at some of the ridiculous "race" questions they asked. the one that really shocked me went something like, "although support from african americans 'feels good' how do you respond to the argument that what's good for them isn't what's good for the rest of the country?" why don't the republicans get those questions? and then there was the one about toni morrison saying that bill clinton was our "blackest" president. i don't think i'm voting for barack (because of his death penalty stance, among other things), but i admire how he's handling these questions that are so beneath his intelligence level. ("i'd have to see him dance to decide if he is, in fact, a brother." loved that.)

D-BB said...

Hucky, you took your mask off!

Now I see why u wore it.
Please put it back on.

Huck said...

cynthia - I didn't see the debates, but I've read commentary on them and I can only imagine. No candidate is perfect. For instance I, too, have qualms about candidates who supprt the death penalty. And I am pretty much an anti-war pacifist who thinks that killing via war is immoral under all circumstances. I also have personal qualms about candidates who support abortion (I'm not a knee-jerk anti-abortion person, and I have problems with illegalizing abortion, but I still think it's morally problematic as a matter of public policy). So none of the candidates reflects my preferred positions on all issues. Regardless, though, I think one can weigh a candidate in toto and fall out in support of someone like Obama with a clean conscience.

d-bb - hey, my friend, as much as you might wish it were true, I don't wear the mask to keep you or anyone else safe from my mug. And, besides, there are some people who like my mug! So, instead of asking me to put the mask back on, I would rather suggest that you just either avoid the picture or close your eyes! ;)