Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NOLA Bisonheads

Have you ever noticed that many local guys in New Orleans have thick necks and huge heads in proportion to the rest of their body? It's rather unique to New Orleans guys and comes, I think, from too many beers and fried oyster po-boys.

In any event, some of my buddies and I identified this phenomenon as the "Bisonhead Syndrome." Let me give you a lesson in how to sight a Bisonhead on the streets of Greater New Orleans. First, you must carefully study the contours of the original Bison Head - Jowly, fleshy, and disproportionately large, thick, and heavy from the shoulders up. To wit:

Among the NOLA herds, here are some prominent and fairly recognizable Bisonheads.

Recent Gubernatorial Candidate Walter Boasso:

Local actor and talk radio personality John "Spud" McConnell:

Local Police Chief Warren J. Riley:

One might also point to recently deceased Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee, disgraced former New Orleans Councilman Oliver Thomas, and even New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as having their bouts with Bisonhead Syndrome. Now don't get me wrong. I find a certain endearing quality to the NOLA Bisonhead herd, especially since I have a tendency in this direction myself. I've got nothing against Bisonheads. I just wanted to point out the phenomenon and perhaps get you thinking the next time you happen to be out and about at the various New Orleans watering holes. The more you pay attention, the more Bisonhead sightings you will have.


Anonymous said...

will LA ever have a season for Bisonhead and would you have to buy a tag/permit?

Huck said...

Don't you know? Bisonheads are an endangered species and thus protected by federal law!