Friday, December 28, 2007

Update on the St. Tammany Six

Here's the latest on the St. Tammany Six. The St. Tammany Six are the group of undocumented migrants that have been detained in St. Tammany Parish Prison illegally for the past 8 months. They were held as material witnesses in a murder trial. Three of the six were released a few weeks ago and turned over to immigration authorities. The remaining three appear likely to be freed imminently as well. They're likely to be deported, but that's fine with them. Because of their incarceration, for the past 8 months they have been unable to earn any kind of living for their families. No matter what you think about undocumented migrants, it is immoral, not to mention illegal, to keep them locked up without charges thus causing such hardship and harm to their families.

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Drive-By Blogger said...

Detaining them also drives up the price of getting a roof repaired.