Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards

Pretty classy of him to end his campaign where he started it, here in the N'awl. I wish him well. Sometimes his class warfare rhetoric I found to be a bit much, but I always liked him at the gut, personal level. He was my preferred candidate in the 2004 primaries and I remember being happy that he was picked by Kerry for the VP slot. I thought he made the ticket stronger, and, actually, was the better part of that combination.

Now the question is whom will Edwards endorse, if anyone? My feeling is that he'll eventually throw his support behind Obama. But regardless, I think that his supporters are much more likely to break for Obama than for Clinton.

Nevertheless, Edwards, in my opinion, has nothing to be ashamed of or regretful of how he conducted in his campaign. He generally kept it positive, and certainly made it more interesting than it would otherwise have been.

I have a feeling we're not done with Edwards yet. And he's not done with us yet. And that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

After Edwards dropped out, there were news articles buzzing with speculation about whether Obama or anyone else might consider Edwards for the position of Attorney General in a Democratic administration.

Then this evening I heard the coverage of our current Attorney General trying to tell Congress that it would be inappropriate for him to give them a straight answer about whether he thinks waterboarding is torture. We definitely deserve better than that guy.

Edwards for Attorney General '08!

Bob said...

Edwards for Attorney General '08!

lamom - I can certainly live with that!

Huck said...

I just realized that my comment above posted under the name Bob. I was using another computer this morning and someone else must have been logged in. Well, just for the record, I am the "bob" that made the above comment.