Thursday, October 02, 2008

The VP Question

You know, I just had a revelation. Now that the VP debate is over, the whole debate about the VP is over. From now on out, this race is about McCain and Obama. In my mind, the VP issue is settled, and there's probably nothing that will happen between now and the election that would change that. I think that in most people's minds, the VP issue is settled, and Palin falls out on the short end of the stick. But I suspect we are beyond her. As the month of October campaigning gets heated up, we're going to hear and see and focus much, much more on Obama and McCain. And I'm actually looking forward to that. The Palin phenomenon is now spent. McCain's Palin gambit is played out, and it has come up short. There's nothing more McCain can do, except to go gutterball negative on Obama, to win this thing. My impression is that this election is Obama's to lose. As long as Obama doesn't commit any major mistakes or makes any major gaffes, he's got the election won.

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