Saturday, October 04, 2008

Gutterballing Obama

Yep. I knew it. It's all they have left. If they can't beat Obama on the issues, then all they can do is go after the man in the most seedy ways possible.

My prediction: backfire.

People are just sick and tired of gutterball politics. When folks are in economic pain, they want empathy, not bullying. McCain's going to show us all how, when times are tough, all he can do is name-call and drive the knife in deeper on subjects completely unrelated and irrelevant to my worries.

The problem for McCain, though, is that we've already been through all the dirt they plan to rehash, and we've made our minds up about them as well.

Obama needs to be ready to respond forcefully and strongly, but to keep his eye on what people are really tuning into. When times get tough for people, they're not going to worry about Ayers or Rezko or Wright -- they're going to want to know how the candidates will help ease their pain and address their worries with concrete plans and policies.


idjiut said...

Don't worry, Caesar Barakus Obamus will show up every time time there is a problem and will act like the real man that he is: mustering all of his intestinal fortitude, with every ounce of character from the inner-most fiber of his being and vote "Present".

bayoustjohndavid said...

I don't know, if liberals just take their cue from clowning Keith Olbermann and shout racism without answering specific charges, the Democrats could lose. If it were just Wright and Ayers, you'd probably be right, but it's Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae, Clinton and the CRA that they're talking about. The racial play involved in the new Franklin Raines commercial is pretty obvious, but it also makes specific charges that need to be answered. As a matter of fact, those charges are truly specious :"Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious." However, that speciousness means that they need to be, and can be, answered.

That's why I wanted to shoot Olbermann when I saw him ranting about some congresswoman that said the mortgage crisis was caused by efforts to help minorities. The liberal web loves Olbermann, but he doesn't seem to love the liberal web. It's east to find easy refutations of those charges; every prominent liberal blogger has linked to Barry Ritholtz' or the American Prospect's refutation. I even linked to a conservative's refutation of that argument. But too many liberals would rather act like Olbermann and shout racism before answering the charges. That will lose the election.

Not that the gutterballing and racism shouldn't be denounced, but the specific claims need to be answered before the feel good denunciation of Republicans starts.

jeffrey said...

What David said. That plus I think the "gutterballing" does and will work.