Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Even though Powell's endorsement is not all that surprising, what one can't help but admire is the measured, rational, and humane explanation Powell gives for his decision. It is a reflection of all that is good and pure about America and what can be great, instead of base, about its politics. What Powell laments is the loss of principled and human decency in the politics of what has become the modern GOP.

Contrast Powell's words, which should impress anyone, liberal and conservative alike, with this comment by a rabid rightwing blogger who, in responding to a posting by The Atlantic's Ross Douthat, another sane and humane conservative blogger, who offered up a mild criticism of conservatives in their irrational defense of the unpreparedness of Sarah Palin for the Presidency, not to mention her despicable gutterball tactics, wrote:

I have found some of my fellow conservative bloggers to lack the degree of intellectual suppleness with which I might enjoy interacting more. But -- what's his [Ross Douthat's] tactical point? It's two weeks and goal. Does he want to send Sarah Palin out to Professor Henry Higgins? She isn't going to pick up that masters from the Woodrow Wilson School between now and Election Day, and it would hardly matter if she did, would it?

She needs to pick up rocks, mud and pointed sticks. And do her worst with 'em. Because, Ross, that's what we're down to. And I ain't spinning you no silk here.
Colin Powell wants a modicum of decency. And the rabid rightwing wants blood at all costs, even if it destroys respectable conservatism in the process.

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