Sunday, October 05, 2008

Racist Underlings in the McCain/Palin Campaign and the Virginia GOP

Read this and try not to get too angry.

Where's the color-blind conservative outcry over this? And the dude who wrote the piece is part of the McCain Leadership Team in Virginia?!?

VOTE this November! And VOTE for Obama/Biden.

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D-BB said...

Hey Hucky, how you find all this crap? BTW, the cheap ass dummy who posted that exceeded bandwidth so I couldn't hear it. When you have time later, please go back over there, do a transcript then email it to me so I can see what was said.

But that's not why I am here. Get your kids together tonight, gather around your computer (I got a bad feeling you have a tiny screen) and teach your kids the facts I posted to day. This info will make them more gooder in school.