Sunday, October 26, 2008

Times-Picayune Endorses Obama

Here's what I think is the most relevant part of the endorsement:

But on balance, we believe that Sen. Obama's qualities as a leader equip him better to be the next president.

Running a campaign is similar to running an administration. It requires that the leader set the tone; that he manage a complex organization; that he chart a nimble course in the face of changing circumstances; that he choose subordinates judiciously; that he exercise good judgment under pressure. An effective campaign is the prelude to a well-run office.

Sen. Obama has acquitted himself superbly, masterminding a marathon run with focus, discipline and a knack for assembling a talented team. He communicates across lines of age, class and ethnicity. He listens and he learns. His ability to beat the Clintons, past masters of electoral politics, showed tough leadership and organizational qualities.

A president must navigate by an inner compass. Mr. Obama's steadiness and his ability to weather political storms bespeak self-confidence and a sureness of purpose. We are riding out a tempest, and he is, quite simply, even-keeled. He possesses expertise that should endear him to the New Orleans area.
I couldn't agree more. And I reiterate my completely anti-intuitive and exclusively gut-based, wishful-thinking prediction of a Louisiana shocker on November 4 with Louisiana's 9 electoral votes going to Obama at the end of the day.

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