Friday, October 31, 2008

The Huckupchuck's Electoral Endorsements

President: The clear choice for The Huckupchuck is the Obama/Biden ticket. In my mind, there is just no comparison about what is in the best interests of our country and U.S. citizens not only as it relates to domestic policy, but also as it relates to our reputation abroad. I just came back from a lecture with the Honduran Minister of Culture who pointed out that 76% of Latin Americans are more reassured by the prospect of an Obama presidency than a McCain presidency, even though many Latin American policymakers think that McCain probably knows more about the region than Obama. But my enthusiastic, unreserved, and unconditional support for Obama/Biden is no surprise. As for local races, here are some of my thoughts:

U.S. Senate: John Kennedy not only is a turncoat; he's not even a convincing turncoat. His whole campaign has been one big dud. I mean, he can't even do the conservative fear/smearmongering all that well. There is a reason why Landrieu is no longer even close to being a GOP pickup opportunity. And it's because Kennedy is such a horrible candidate. Frankly, I don't even know what Kennedy's true positions on the issues are. With Landrieu, though I sometimes don't like what I get from her, I can't say that I'm ever surprised by her. She's pretty clear on where she stands on issues. And I can at least live with that. So, The Huckupchuck gives a clear, unequivocal, though not fully enthusiastic endorsement for Landrieu in the U.S. Senate race.

Orleans Parish District Attorney: I have serious reservations about both candidates; but I tend to lean towards Cannizzaro over Capitelli. I have to say that it bothers me to no end that I almost without fail see yard signs for both of these guys next to yard signs for McCain/Palin in front of pretty big uptown mansions. And although, as Mrs. Huckupchuck often tells me, party identification in local races is much less relevant than the national races, it still disturbs me that folks who embrace a clear conservative ideology (and make no bones about expressing such preferences) also seem to feel pretty comfortable embracing either of the two DA candidates who claim to be Democrats. But I guess we need to have one of them. And though I supported Jason Williams in the primaries, and though Williams has endorsed Capitelli, I have had some direct, positive experiences with Cannizzaro that pulls me towards him as the lesser of two candidates neither of whom I consider ideal.

Louisiana Congressional District 1: For the first time in a loooooong time, Congressional District 1 has a real shot at a Democrat. From what I have seen from the Harlan campaign, he is about as good a Democrat as Congressional District 1 is ever likely to get. Of course, I'm not so keen on his social conservatism; but being a social conservative is simply a sine-qua-non for that district. And Harlan's social conservatism is not the angry kind. As for Scalise, he's just pure conservative Christianist Republicanism. Anyone would be better than Scalise (except, perhaps, for Tim Burns). And Harlan is not just an alternative; but the most acceptable alternative. So, The Huckupchuck gives a clear endorsement to Jim Harlan.

Louisiana Congressional District 2 (Democratic Party Second Primary Election): My district. A reliably Democratic district. And this year, the Democratic candidate choices in this Second Primary Runoff election (Helena Moreno and William Jefferson) are not only just weak, but also mostly unacceptable. I cannot and will not, as a matter of principle and conscience, endorse or vote for William Jefferson. True that he is technically innocent until proven guilty in a court of law; but I've been convinced in the court of my own opinion long ago that he's guilty, if not of criminal behavior under the law (which I think he is, anyway), then of being among the worst of the corrupt cynics in Congress. So, that leaves me giving my reluctant endorsement to Helena Moreno in this primary. As much as I think Helena Moreno is a Republican disingenuously wrapped in the clothing of a Democrat just for the sake of being elected in a Democratic district, she at least appears to be ethically above reproach. The general election is another thing altogether. And, regardless of who wins the Democratic Party nomination, I have to admit that I'm considering breaking party discipline and seriously looking at the other candidates. I'll have more to say about this after Nov. 4; and I think you might be quite surprised to hear what it is I have to say.

As for the rest of the races, I have nothing to say nor any endorsements to make.

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Cynthia said...

I TOTALLY agree on Capitelli/Cannizzaro. I voted for Jason Williams also, but despite everything that everyone's saying, Cannizzaro simply has a more progressive record (i.e., Cannizzaro supports more support for mental health services, while Capitelli wants to try juvenile offenders as adults and put more beds in adult prisons for them.) Also, the company Capitelli keeps really scares me (the judge that acquitted the Danziger cops).

And I will not cast a vote in the Congresional race. I just can't. Helena Moreno is a moron!

Our choices in these local races really are grim.