Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reggie Bush is Real

You know, I haven't exactly been the kind of die-hard Reggie Bush fan as many have been; but I do have to say that anyone who puts up these numbers over a six week period has got to be doing something right. 8 TDs in six games, spread out fairly evenly over rushing TDs (2), receiving TDs (3), and return TDs (3), is pretty damn impressive, no matter how you slice it up.

I know Jeffrey can always find that trip up, that dropped pass, that fumble, etc., to try to suppress the real accomplishments of Bush this season; but that only gets you so far. I'd say that Reggie Bush is delivering this year in ways that just don't merit the criticism. One doesn't need to be a Reggie Bush fan to acknowledge this. What say you, Jeffrey? Care to give at least a grudging compliment to the Who Dats' Black and Gold #25?


Anonymous said...

totally agree. i'm just entering bush fever myself.

in other news, how 'bout the turn of events in college football this weekend? go longhorns!!

Anonymous said...

At some point this season I found I had stopped yelling "trade him, trade him" at the television after Reggie had had the ball.

jeffrey said...

1) As we have seen time and again, the Saints' offense is designed in such a way that just about anybody can be (statistically) productive in the passing game as long as Brees is playing quarterback. The numbers for every Saints receiver can be considered inflated to a certain degree.

2)Dropped passes and fumbles are not unremarkable occurrences. The cost most pros their jobs.

3)Reggie Bush is a symbol of the corruption and conflation of pro sports through over-commercialization and C-list Hollywood look-at-me-ism. This is not a new phenomenon but certainly one that Bush has embraced and uh.. taken to the next level... so to speak.

I really don't understand how anyone cannot be embarrassed to have one's city and favorite sports franchise associated with him.