Thursday, December 13, 2007

Celebrating the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico

Hat Tip to Andrew Sullivan who calls yesterday's festivities in Mexico celebrating the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe The Catholic Superbowl. One of Andrew Sullivan's readers has some very interesting follow-up commentary on this particular performance and performer in the YouTube clip above.

I have to say that I've been to the Basilica of "La Virgen" many, many times over the years, though never during the big feast day celebrations. I can say from experience that the atmosphere is always festive and celebratory, and seemingly more commercialized each year. I always like going, in spite of all that. If you're ever in Mexico City, it's worth a visit, especially on a Sunday. You're not likely to see Mexican Pop Tarts paying homage in flashy and breathy performances; but you will probably be impressed by the real devotion that this place inspires. And, who knows? You might even be inspired!


Drive-By Blogger said...

Uppy, they done took that video down. I saw her from the back and she looked hot.

I have been down to Mexico many times and I have yet to find a virgin, at least at a decent price.

You think all them diamond dealers are legit?

Drive-By Blogger said...

Damn I am so glad I came back. She hot or what? I hate getting aroused during a religious song especially when they cut away to the altar. I lose my concentration (if u know what I mean). What I wouldn't do to her. Got my heart pounding.

Hey Huck. I know you like that guy, the one that Oprah sleeps around with, Osama, Obama, whatever, anyway my amigo, I posted a video I think you will like. It also has hot chicks in it.

I still got that video on you posted. Makes me want to break out the old Herb Alpert albums and crunch on some Tacos.