Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Happy Holidays" Scrooges

Hey, to all you nice people who go around wishing holiday joy and happiness to people, watch out for those Christian scrooges who will scowl at you for your sincere expression of cheer and goodwill because you didn't wish them a Merry Christmas. If you come across one of these spirit-crushing, un-Christ-like, holiday season scrooges, just refer them to this column by Christine Bulot:

Why are so many people uptight about a genuine friendly greeting?


There are so many real problems in the world that these "greeting wars" are nothing in comparison.

People spend so much money on full-page newspaper ads and waste so much time grousing about "greetings" -- they eclipse the real meaning of the season: Love, generosity, compassion, peace.

But I see no peace in the greetings wars.


If you're troubled because someone wished you a happy holiday, please go home and pray to find peace for yourself and peace in the world.

Pray for everyone to see how silly they are complaining about something so insignificant in the scheme of life.
Amen! And Happy Holidays!

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