Saturday, December 22, 2007

Malkintrina's Wrath

Batten down the hatches! You knew it was coming, didn't you?

Good job, Times-Picayune, look what your "reporting" has done to New Orleans. Hope you're happy.

The T-P's big mistake is assuming that folks around the country, many of whom already think NOLA should be nuked, aren't going to try to distinguish between the Jaspers of the world and the rest of us in the City. You'd think that these very same people would be celebrating the "courage" of the mixed-race City Council's unanimous vote to demolish the public housing complexes. But you'd be mistaken. These people only want to disparage NOLA. They'll take Sharon Jasper and equate her with all the worst that they want to believe about us. Maybe these NOLA-phobes and NOLA-haters would have done this anyway. After all, it's not the T-P's fault that Sharon Jasper is who she is. But the T-P could have thought a bit more about the long-term consequences of its "reporting." It didn't need to throw gasoline on the flames.

One word on this whole big mess: @$#!&%!!!!


Drive-By Blogger said...

Hey, upster, You know what? @$#!&%!!!! the little @$#!&%!!!! in their @$#!&%!!!! and also, @$#!&%!!!! and @$#!&%!!!! until they scream. Then I would take their @$#!&%!!!! and shove that up their @$#!&%!!!! followed by @$#!&%!!!! until they sang God Bless America. Ain't that a good @$#!&%!!!! idea or what?

Huck said...

See, D-BB! Isn't if more fun to leave the "colorful" language up to the imagination? Now, if my kids happen to be peeking over my shoulder as I open the comment boxes and read your notes, they'll be thinking barbies and flowers and cinnamon tea whenever they see @$#!&%!!!!

Don_cos said...


This truly unfortunate impression isn't coming just from this one "event." NOLA has suffered an abundance of Politicos who are sending a negative image to the rest of the country. When you add this to the existing reputation (as a haven of debauchery) you are going to get some NOLAphobia.

If you want to clean up the national perception of NOLA, you must clean up the very image the people of NOLA have promoted.

And Drive-by, try not to hold back so much! ;-}