Sunday, December 02, 2007

O Amor é um Rock

One of my recent favorites from Brazilian songwriter and musician Tom Zé. Enjoy this rather unique, enigmatic, and philosophical take on the contours of "love."

"O amor é egoista," indeed!


Drive-By Blogger said...

Holy fucking Mother of God. What is that? I busted my son's head wide opened for listening to better crap then that.

It's not even in English. And I think on the opening of that video, I saw swastikas floating around.

Also, are you a wrestler or just ugly?

Also, what does "orlmuiln" mean? It says I have to type that word in for "word verification" before I post my comment. Is that Spanish?

jkim said...

dont worry i think im gonna change it back. i dont know why i did was an impulsive, bored sort of thing.

Huck said...

Hey, drive-by blogger - Feel free to conduct as many drive-bys as you like; but I do have two simple rules for commenting: no ad-hominem attacks on anyone and no gratuitous profanity.

Drive-By Blogger said...

Hell, you need more rules then that. And as for ad-hominem, I have nothing against Tex-Mex-Gays.

BTW, sorry about saying fuck. Now that I know the rules, I will be more freakin'careful.

Also, I like you. Very liberal but you like to control freedom of expression. That's just like me. Gonna add u to my blog roll.

¿Tiene usted a alguna jóvenes hermanas quién tienen calor?

Huck said...

drive-by blogger - I like you, too. I've checked out your blog and read your comments elsewhere. I have learned that your blog bluster can't really hide the fact that you're essentially a softie at heart. I take your comments more as performance art than as anything else, because there really is no animosity in them as far as I can tell. You try to be shocking and mean, but, my friend, you're too nice to pull this stunt off effectively. And who's controlling freedom of expression? I haven't threatened to cut you off at all, I just informed you of the rules of the blog. Whether you adhere to them out of simple respect or courtesy for the others who might visit and read your comments is up to you. I may be liberal, but I'm not an anarchist. Having rules and a bit of order is not, by any stretch, controlling freedom of expression; it's just a way hopefully to maintain some civility.

And at least, bad though your Spanish may be, you are in the habit of using the "polite" form of address. That simple little thing gives you away.