Sunday, December 09, 2007

Who is Huck_Martha?

Hmmm. I was reading the comments to this posting over at the Right Wing News blog and I noticed this comment:

I'm curious. Who do you consider the "founder" of Christianity? Emperor Constantine ?

Posted by Huck_Martha
December 8, 2007 9:00 PM |
I don't know who the heck this "Huck_Martha" person is, but I can assure anyone from RWN who might wonder, it is certainly not I. (As proof, please know that I would never write "Who do you consider ..." Such bad grammar. The correct thing to write, which I would always do, is "Whom do you consider ...") Still ... I think the person who posts under the numerous "Martha" reincarnations is a certifiable nutcase. And it angers me that this person would create such a username knowing full well about my history at RWN. I would expect anyone who knows of my history at RWN to keep any part of my identity out of what s/he does. And this "Martha" character has been around RWN long enough to certainly know about me. I only hope the "Huck" part of the "Huck_Martha" signature comes more from the rise of Mike Huckabee and not because "Martha" is somehow harking back to me when I posted there as "huckupchuck." (Aside: The rise of Mike Huckabee, especially his collaboration with Chuck Norris on a well-known campaign ad has really been a kind of curse for The Huck Upchuck.) Back to "Huck_Martha" ... I don't know how long "Huck_Martha" has been posting at RWN, but I hope that account is banned forthwith.


Don_cos said...


Huck_Martha is one of many incarnations of a banned troll that haunts RWN. It likes to reregister using names that will annoy people along with it's "_Martha" to make sure everyone knows how "smart and whitty it is in reregeristing where it is not wanted. It chose the "Huck_Martha" name because the thread it was trying to ruin was about Huckabe(sp?). No person with an IQ higher than 6.5 will mix you and it up.

Don_cos said...

Oops! Shoulda been one of them there " thingies after the word "whitty!"

Huck_D-BB said...

Well that sucks.

Huck said...

don_cos - Thanks for the clarification. I suspected as much, but with Martha, one never knows and it's always wise to play safe.

huck_d-bb??? Wishful thinking, d-bb. Intelligence (whether yours to me or mine to you) doesn't rub off that way!