Friday, December 07, 2007

Our President and His Legacy

This is what we've represented to the world over the past 7 years:

Great role model for this:

Ahem ... well ... at least we can give some props to the young woman for being beautiful and some slack for being young. What's Bush's redemption and/or excuse?

[Hat tip to Drive-By Blogger for introducing me to the Bush clip.]


Drive-By Blogger said...

UPCHUCK! God damn it. Didn't you look at my post from yesterday!

That's my YouTube post.

OH well, often imitated, never duplicated. Dat 'em me.

Huck said...

drive-by blogger - Didn't you read to the end of my post? If you had, you would have noticed that I gave you props! Dude, take it as a compliment that I thought so highly of the Best Blog Award winner as to feel compelled to draw from its content!

Drive-By Blogger said...

Sorry, I must have dozed off.

Christopher Taylor said...

Yawn Bush r dum hee hee

Grow up, Huck.

Huck said...

C_T - You can tell me to grow up all you want, C_T; but that still doesn't change the fact that Bush's gaffes are an embarrassment. Is it too much to expect our President to be a better public speaker? For what it's worth, if Bush were a Democrat I'd be equally embarrassed by such performances.

Drive-By Blogger said...

Yawn? Christopher, u ain't yarning, you must be in a freakin' coma.

Bite me and while you're at it, here's some more of the legacy we have been bless with by way of this dead brain cell man.