Thursday, December 20, 2007

NOLA - Plowing the Sea: Variation on a Theme

Observing the brou-ha-ha over public housing in the N'awl over the past weeks, I thought this:

"New Orleans is ungovernable. Working for revolution here is like plowing the sea."

[Hat Tip: Simón Bolívar, source of the original.]


Drive-By Blogger said...

Hey Up, whad up? I don't ge that Simon guy at all. He is so mean to those kids who are trying their best to sing.

Randy, him I like. He seems nice.

Paula, she is always drugged up but u know what, that's makes her perfect for some little D-BB if you know what I mean.

Wait, I just realize, you don't watch a TV. I fear this may be lost upon you.

Ashley said...

And he makes a damned fine cigar, too.

Huck said...

Hola, mi amigo, D-BB - I may not have the boob tube but I certainly know who those three stooges are that you mentioned. Simon "Hear-no-evil" Cowell, Randy "See-no-evil" Jackson, and Paula "Speak-no-evil" Abdul. And you wonder why I don't have a TV?

Drive-By Blogger said...

Awwwwwwwww Pancho, GOTCHA! U do watch. Go ahead, admit it. You sneak down to the corner barra and watch.
But.....since you brought up the 3 Stooges, pick one:
Curly or Shemp.