Friday, July 27, 2007

The Warrantless Blogtapping Program

Issue: Focusing on the "Bad" about America

I can't tell you how many times John Hawkins, owner of the Right Wing News blog, has harped on about how "negative" liberals are about America and how we only see the "bad" in and about our country, and never the good.

Well, imagine my surprise to see John Hawkins asking his own readers, in all seriousness, to "Suggest The Worst People, Places, And Things In America". I guess it's o.k. for Rightwingers to complain when liberals point out those unsavory things that are present in our country; but when conservatives do it, it's fun! As John Hawkins exhorts his readers:

Well now, I'm thinking about doing some writing on the subject and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for what you think are the worst people, places, and things in America.

After all, I'd hate to miss any good ones.
Good ones, indeed!

Come to think of it, John Hawkins traffics in and profits by what he thinks is "negative" about America. That's pretty much all he writes about: if it's not the evils of liberals and Democrats, it's the corrupt squishes on his own side of the aisle. When will Hawkins say something nice about this great country of ours?

But, that's neither here nor there. The hypocritical irony is that Hawkins and his ilk, while complaining about liberals doing it, likewise profit by attacking (and even hating) parts of America and Americans, so his call for more "good ones" about what's "worst" in America shouldn't be all that surprising. In fact, it's quite par for the course.

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