Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vitter, Vitter, and more Vitter

All my readers who aren't regulars of Your Right Hand Thief ought to be! Especially if you're interested in the Vitter Scandal. Oyster, the proprietor of Your Right Hand Thief, has a post up in which he features the ruminations of one of his commenters. I think all those sympathetic to the GOP and to family values ought to read this post, which makes a very persuasive case why the GOP ought to hold Vitter accountable instead of embracing him as the prodigal son. Kudos to Oyster for staying on top of all the different aspects of this Vitter scandal.


Don_cos said...


Off topic here, but I am curious. As a college proffesor with a PHD, have you published? And if so where?

Huck said...

don_cos - Unfortunately, as my job is also administrative (I'm not tenure-track), I have not had as much time for research and for publishing as I would like. So, I don't have many publications, at least not as many as I would like.

Currently, I am editing a series of Latin American country studies for ABC-Clio Publishers. There will be six book-length country studies and I am finishing up my book for the series on Mexico.

I also have an essay published in MACLAS: Essays which is a regional association's professional journal.

Of course, I have a slew of papers that I have written and presented at professional conferences, but they are unpublished.

I do have a couple of on-line book reviews with H-Net, though. Which you can search for at their website:

Don_cos said...


I will check that out. It is always one of the things I wonder about when I see that PHD attached to someone. I think you can get some good insite into someones nature by what they publish. And who knows, I may also learn something.

I admit I am curious as to how your proffessional and political endevors mesh.