Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confidential to President_Friedman

President_Friedman, if you're still visiting my site on occasion, I want you to know that I noticed your gesture in Q&A Friday at Right Wing News, solitary though it was. Thanks.


President Friedman said...

Huck, you are certainly welcome, though I wish something would have come from it. I was disapointed to see that John didn't answer the question. It's been asked on two Q&A Friday's now, and in numerous other comments sections. It is becoming obvious to me that he isn't going to publicly address it.

I take your banning as a not-so-subtle hint from Hawkins that while political debate between posters at RWN is fine, direct criticism of John Hawkin's and/or his ideas will is not acceptable.

Huck said...

I imagine that you are probably right. Hawkins must consider himself above the fray, which is all the more disheartening because it is the blogger himself who should be willing to take the heat for what he says on his blog.

As time passes, the regulars at RWN are moving on. I expected as much. But what I didn't expect was the degree to which the collective amnesia seems to have set in. Just recently, Hawkins posted a link to his latest column for Townhall on the DailyKos blog. And the comments for this posting at RWN are rife with references to how Hawkins and RWN are respectful of dissent and do not ban people or delete comments because of differences of opinion. And not one person seems to remember that Hawkins has done precisely such a thing with me.

In any case, all I can do is move forward with my own blog, such as it is, and have conversations with people who want to engage in them with me.

President Friedman said...

I missed that thread or else I'd have mentioned it. I don't pay much attention to the posts or comments having to do w/ Kos, the DU, or "10 ways liberals are similar to the dogshit on the bottom of my shoe" (and all the not-so-subtle variants of that theme).

Too much time is spent at RWN-and really in all political discourse-ripping the other side instead of making principaled arguments. I can be guilty of this myself, but RWN goes overboard sometimes in its attempts to pick up clicks from pissed off conservatives.