Friday, July 27, 2007

Gonzalez versus Beauchamp

You know something is screwy with the state of politics in this country, and the divisiveness of our political dialogue, not to mention the myopia of the right wing punditocracy when this country's chief Law Enforcement Official, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, has clearly perjured himself, and the top story that causes rabid rightwing frothing at the mouth is a real, live, fighting US soldier's unflattering story about guys making crude jokes about a female soldier disfigured by an IED, about coming across a children's burial site and wondering if it's one of Saddam's mass graves, and about a foolish soldier sadistically hunting down and rolling over Iraq's street dogs with his Bradley fighting vehicle (the veracity of all of which still have yet to be disproven). I mean, we're talking about the Attorney General of the United States himself committing perjury! The guy who's supposed to be vigorously prosecuting folks for doing such things! Doesn't the irony of that strike anyone as stunning?!?! And yet we get reams and reams of insignificant minutiae about Beauchamp's love life, dating timelines, and wedding plans from the Rightwing blogosphere in their quest to tear down a U.S. soldier fighting on the front lines, all the while we get ... hear it? ... yes, that's right, NOTHING BUT SILENCE, on the Attorney General's CLEAR perjury.

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