Saturday, December 24, 2011

Andrew Sullivan on Ron Paul

Andrew Sullivan rethinks and retracts his endorsement of Ron Paul.  What I love about Sullivan is his tenacity, but also his openness in listening to reason and the arguments of others.  He doesn't admit to being wrong often, and he doesn't like to back down much; but he does it when it's called for and when he is persuaded to do so.  It's what happened with his support of the Iraq War; and now it's happening with his endorsement of Ron Paul.  He still leaves the door open for Paul to make things right in his eyes, but Sullivan requires of Paul a meaningful explanation of the vile and racist newsletters published under his name years ago before reconsidering throwing his support back behind the man.

This is why I admire and appreciate Sullivan.  I think he is one of most honest and real thinkers and pundits of contemporary politics and society out there.


Eric said...

I think Andrew Sullivan was always much more concerned with how many readers he might lose than which Republican candidate he should support before voting for Obama.
He miscalculated how a Ron Paul endorsement would play with his readership and now he is backpeddling.

Ron Paul's newsletters, and Paul's explanation for them, are very old news, and should have been a factor in any responsible journalist's decision to endorse Ron Paul. If Sullivan's research of Paul was so shallow and his judgment so bad, perhaps his readers should give him the same second look that he gave Ron Paul.

Paul is admittedly a horrible candidate for the Republicans, but anybody who dumps their support for him over this newsletter fiasco was never very serious about their support in the first place.

Eric said...

Or to put it another way, where was Sullivan's "super-ego" when he ignored Obama's association with Jeremiah Wright and endorsed him in 2008? I guess his "id" didn't lose any sleep about voting for a President who chose to take spiritual guidance from an avowed racist who prayed for God to damn America.

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