Friday, December 30, 2011

Ironic Times-Pic Letter to the Editor

It is pretty noticeable that 9 out of every 10 letter writers from Mandeville are very conservative.  What always kinda bugs me about this is that these folks on the Northshore depend so heavily on New Orleans for their livelihoods, but are some of the loudest complainers about the city out there.  I understand that their role in keeping the economy of the New Orleans area thriving is just as important as the city-dweller, but I just wish they would at least acknowledge the fact that they benefit from us liberal urban-dwellers and that if they want to abandon New Orleans for the suburbs, they have very little business complaining or commenting about New Orleans and its liberal citizens.

Anyway, that rant above isn't really related to the content of one of today's letters to the editor of the Times-Picayune except that the letter writer is from Mandeville, and so the predictable conservative tilt of the letter is all-too-predictable.

This time, though, the letter writer is complaining about Maureen Dowd's latest column, which was a critique of Newt Gingrich in the typical Dowd style: biting, cynical, and left-leaning.

Suffice it to say that the letter-writer is mounting some kind of defense of Newt Gingrich from the rantings of Maureen Dowd. Fair enough, I guess. But the last sentence of her letter is the ironic kicker:
He's not everyone's choice for president, but none of the candidates deserve the sarcasm and negativism with which Ms. Dowd reports.
Given that the Times-Picayune regularly publishes columns from the likes of Charles Krauthammer, Cal Thomas, and other conservative pundits whose "sarcasm and negativism" in their criticism of Obama make Dowd look mild by comparison, I have to wonder if this letter-writer holds the same view about how Obama is treated by the conservative pundits out there.  I'd bet dollars-to-doughnuts that this letter-writer, given that she writes from Mandeville, thinks Obama deserves whatever "sarcasm and negativism" is lobbed his way.  If this is the case, it only highlights once again the ironic hypocrisy of the rightwing when it comes to Obama.


D-BB said...

Discussing the conservatism of St. Tammany Parish which is about 70% Republican and their feelings about a city of which many of whom were ex-patriots pre Katrina is sort of old news.

Your characterization of Maureen Dowd as being "left-leaning" exposes something askew with either your perception or judgment.

I am extremely thankful you are not a Conservative. You would pose a threat to National Security.

D-BB said...

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! (Between you and me, I'd close this thing down and join the rest of us.)

If you have a chance, tell all the other morons (the few who are left) dat I said Hi!!!!

Huck said...

D-BB! You're back! Glad to hear from you. I know that the conservatism of the Northshore is old news; but I still can't get used to how all these Mandevillians rail on liberals in their letters to the editors of the TImes-Picayune. I'm sure they're nice people. After all, I've got family who live on the Northshore and I like them, too. I just wish sometimes that they would be a little more self reflective. This particular letter writer is complaining about something that happens regularly to Obama in the op-ed pages by conservative columnists; yet she only seems to notice it when the columnist is a liberal and the target is a conservative.

Anyway, glad you dropped by! Happy New Year!

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