Monday, December 19, 2011

Geaux Saints!

The Saints move to 11-3 with two games remaining.  If the 49ers lose to the Steelers tonight, then the Saints will control their own destiny.  If they win their last two games, it's a first round bye and a home playoff game.  Now that we know that Green Bay is not invincible, it's very possible that Green Bay could lose its first playoff game.  If that were to happen and if the Saints win, then we'll have the NFC Championship in the Superdome, too.  That's what I'd like to see.

But ... a bit disturbing still is the fact that the Saints could actually lose their Division to the Falcons.  So much rides on the Saints/Falcons Monday night matchup this coming week.

Regardless, Drew Brees will shatter the single season passing yardage mark.  All he needs is some 300+ passing yards over the next two weeks and he'll have the record.  And I think it's a good likelihood that he'll get that record this week in the Superdome against the Dirty Birds in front of a national audience on Monday night.

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