Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Two Worst Physical Ailments

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... The two worst experiences of pain that I have ever had are (1) toothache and (2) backache.  Two days ago, I threw out my lower back.  Not sure what the heck happened.  I was doing some sanding on the front of my house and after I quit and was relaxing in the easy chair, something must have happened because as soon as I moved to get out of the easy chair, my back had stiffened and gotten sore.  I didn't feel anything snap or pop.  It was just sore.

That was two days ago and it has only gotten worse.  It's such that I can just barely walk.  I think I may have a slipped disc or something along those lines.

I haven't been to see the doctor yet, but I can feel that this is where I'm headed.

What a bad time for this to happen.  It's the last week of classes and final exams are approaching.  Not to mention that the Christmas season is here, which means lots of Nutcracker dance performances to attend.

I hope I can get some relief soon.

Toothaches and backaches.

And I'm dealing with one of those now.  Bummer.

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