Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gingrich Incompetence

How can anyone take Newt Gingrich (or Rick Perry, for that matter) seriously when both are so inept that they fail to qualify for the Virginia GOP primary? That's pretty darn huge. It means that even if Gingrich or Perry does well in the early primary states, the knowledge that they cannot add Virginia's delegates to their totals would be enough to keep any serious contender in the race. But above and beyond that, if Gingrich makes such a strategic blunder in the primary, what confidence does that inspire about his ability to manage a campaign in the general election or even to exercise competent leadership as the executive?


Eric said...

I hope this will put a big dent in Gingrich's support base, but really, for conservatives who find Mitt Romney too moderate and Ron Paul too extreme, I don't know who else they are supposed to support other than Newt. Even though Newt's history on healthcare is more troubling than Romney's from an ideological stance, the fact that Romney actually implemented Romneycare is just a dealbreaker to many conservatives (in fact if it were not for that I'd be supporting Romney right now over Ron Paul).

Huck said...

This is an election that is the Republicans to lose, and it seems they are hell bent on losing it. I can't see any one of the current crop, except Romney or Huntsman, even giving Obama a run for the money.

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