Friday, March 05, 2010


Athens, GA, from what I gather, has a growing reputation as a kind of indie/progressive music place. Lots of bands and performance venues. Makes sense given that this is a College town. But it's got me thinking about how New Orleans is also such a place and how Tulane's student run radio station is a big part of the indie/progressive music scene in the city.

I'm a DJ at WTUL (currently taking the semester off to recover from knee surgery), and so I thought it would be appropriate to give a shout-out to WTUL for its greatness.

Link to WTUL by clicking here, check out the programming schedule for the wide variety of shows the station has, and then click the link to tune in to this programming via live streaming online. And if you like what you hear, please also consider making a donation to support the station. It's the right time to do so as WTUL is gearing up for its annual "Marathon" fundraising drive. Support the great music and radio culture of NOLA by supporting WTUL!

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I am culturally and contractually obligated to say the following words: Athens, Georgia is the greatest college rock scene on the planet. UGA will revoke my degree if I do not comply.

But any music scene, especially of the indie/progressive variety, is better off with a supportive local radio station. Glad to hear WTUL fills that niche around these parts.