Sunday, March 21, 2010

Message to Cao: VOTE "YES" on Healthcare Reform

I've called your DC office. I've called your New Orleans office. I sent you an email. I've exhorted you in a status update on my Facebook page. Now I'm pleading with you on this blog.

I want to impress upon you the importance to me, a fellow Jesuit-educated, mission-oriented, life-affirming Catholic, of passing the current Healthcare Reform bill that is up for a vote this afternoon.

This is it, Mr. Cao. The moment of truth. Here are some final things for you to consider:

1. Your constituents overwhelmingly want this bill to pass. You represent us. In your capacity as a Congressman, you do NOT represent the Catholic bishops, you do not represent the Pope, you do not represent me as an individual constituent, you do not even represent yourself as an individual constituent -- YOU REPRESENT YOUR DISTRICT as a collective. And your district overwhelmingly wants this bill passed.
2. Even Catholics in good standing can support this bill. Many already do. If you won't exercise your duty to your district and the majority of its constituents, opting instead to take your marching orders from your Catholic faith, listen to ALL Catholic voices -- including mine, and not just the patriarchy of the Catholic hierarchy. Good, pro-life Catholics SHOULD support this healthcare reform bill. That includes you.
3. As much as I like you on a personal level, if you do not support this bill, I will not only not be able to support your re-election, but I will actively work to campaign to unseat you. This is one issue where I will cut you no slack. And I would do this even if you were a Democrat. A representative who does not reflect the majority will of his constituents and ignores his constituents' clear wishes with such a measure of impunity simply does not deserve to hold this seat. Look over my blog, see how I have approached you, see how supportive and tolerant I have been towards you, even when I have disagreed with you. You need people like me in your corner. I say this not as a threat, because who am I but just an insignificant constituent with a blog read by only a handful of people, and so I effectively have no power to mount a threat of any substance against you. I say it only as a matter of fact, and as an expression of what I will have to do according to my own conscience should you vote against this bill.

Please, Mr. Cao, please. I entreat you. Vote "Yes" today.

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