Monday, March 15, 2010

Knee Update

Many of you know that I had knee surgery some 10 weeks ago, in the first week of January. Well, I haven't spoken about it in a while, so I thought I should give an update.

The short of it is that my recovery has been pretty remarkable. I would say that I am at about 95% full functionality in my left knee. Today, I went about my business all day long and didn't even think about or notice my knee once.

Occasionally, I'll have moments of stiffness and some slight twinges of negligible pain or discomfort in the knee; but they are few and far between.

I have started intense physical therapy to strengthen my left leg and to recover from the atrophy that set in immediately following my surgery. The goal is to get my back into running shape -- not that I plan to do any running -- but to get me to the point where I could jog if I wanted to.

Really, my goal for physical therapy is to strenghten my lateral movement enough to permit me to get back on the racquetball courts, which I haven't played in over 7 years or so.

My last physical therapy session, which took place last Thursday, was pretty stressful on the knee. I left that physical therapy session limping slightly; but mostly this was due to my leg's weakness and its inability to be able to endure intense exercise for an extende period of time. But it did feel good to have my leg be pushed to its limits of tiredness and weakness.

I still am amazed at how relatively pain-free the whole experience was for me. Let's hope it continues to go so well and I find myself whacking that racquetball soon!

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Don_cos said...


I hope you are fully recovered soon.

Physical therapy can be tough, but is well worth the troble.