Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steele's Hilarious Gaffe in the Wake of Passing HCR

Have these guys really lost their marbles? Is passing Healthcare Reform such a traumatic thing that conservatives cannot even think straight anymore? The New York Times reports that Michael Steele, the GOP's National Committee Chairman, said in an interview this past Monday following Sunday's passage of the Healthcare Reform bill:

"There is no downside for Republicans. Only for Americans."
Heh! So now we know the truth. Republicans aren't Americans. And that's from the official representative voice of the GOP. I suppose Steele could also have easily said: "There is no downside for Republicans. Only for humans." And though he didn't say this, he probably believes it. Which would confirm something that I've always thought about the folks that constitute the GOP: they're "aliens"! And if they're also not Americans, then wouldn't that would make them "illegal aliens"? And lord only knows what Steele thinks we should do about that!

Oyster is so 100% on the money: where do these chicken-littles go, what can they possibly say, if (Gasp!) some day single payer supplants private health exchanges?

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