Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthcare Debate in the House

Of course, as anyone paying attention knows, the Stupak block, which held out over the abortion issue, has agreed to support the Healthcare Reform bill with the promise of an Executive Order by Obama to enforce the non-federal funding of abortion measures that are already included in the Senate bill. Unless something dramatic happens in the next hour, when the actual votes are cast and tallied, the measure will pass.

But let's turn to Anh "Joseph" Cao ... I found it extremely interesting in the most recent debate, when it seemed as if every single House Republican voiced his or her opposition to the Healthcare reform bill in a unanimous consent procedure, Anh "Joseph" Cao was not one of them. Or maybe I missed it, but I was paying pretty close attention, so I think not.

Not that this really means anything in particular, but I do find it curious. It leads me to wonder if Cao is having second thoughts. And now that it looks like the bill will pass with enough Democratic votes, especially with the cover provided by the Stupak block, perhaps Cao will turn his attention more towards voting for his constituents and giving himself a chance in November. We shall see. And I will be watching Cao closely on this. Very closely.

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