Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tiller's Murder by Domestic Anti-AbortionTerrorists: A Problem of Conservatives

Most people following the trial of Scott Roeder, who killed Dr. George Tiller in cold blood in an act of domestic terrorism, know that Roeder was convicted for his act and will serve at least a minimum of 25 years in prison. I applaud the verdit.

However, this article is worrisome in that it shows how angry Roeder's supporters are and how much more likely we are to see even more acts of deadly domestic terrorism against abortion doctors in the future.

Let's just forget the fact that everything abortion doctors do is within the prescribed limits of the law. No matter what these anti-abortion terrorists think, there should be no outrage at the application of the rule of law to those like Roeder who kill abortion doctors in cold blood or who attempt to kill them. The fact is that their own personal morality, even if they think it justifies breaking the law, should in no way allow for an exception to the consequences for breaking the law.

I, for one, have a moral objection to war. Does that mean I should be justified in front of the law for killing soldiers who kill others, innocents included, because of my moral code? Should I expect to get some kind of exemption from the law that criminalizes the cold-blooded murder of soldiers simply because I oppose their killing others in the context of war? The short answer is: No way. If I want to kill soldiers because of my beliefs, I better be willing to take the punishment for doing so. And I certainly shouldn't be surprised, much less outraged, at the punishment I would get as prescribed by the law.

Anyway ... I want to leave you with this final comment on the matter: I would bet any amount of money that every single one of these anti-abortion extremists, those who think it is acceptable to kill an abortion doctor in cold blood, are conservatives (or at least self-identify as conservatives). I'd also say that a vast majority of them, if they had to identify with a political party, would characterize themselves as Republican. Let's chew on that for a while, shall we?


andrew said...

Our side has started to use violence too.

I'm all for it, The easiest way to secure peace in the criminal world is to show the other organization you won't be pushed. When they killed Dr. Tiller, someone important to them was killed in reprisal.

Imagine whats going to happen when they try to act against a clinic.

BTW: About political affiliation. Crazy is crazy is crazy. Nothing more.

eric said...

I read a similar article on a Young Earth website, entitled, "Hitler's Eugenics and Genocide Programs: A Problem For Evolutionists"

Huck said...

Eric - Call me dense, but I don't get it.

Andrew - You're right. Crazy is crazy is crazy. And Lord knows we lefties have some crazies too. But as for the anti-abortion terrorists out there and their likely ideological/political affiliations, I'm just sayin' ...

andrew said...

You also have insane people on the street thinking their POTUS. Doesn't make it true.

Eric said...

Huck, my point was only that the fact these people tend to identify as conservatives has little more bearing on conservatism than the fact Hitler identified as an evolutionist says anything about evolution.