Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yaaaaaahhh Whoooooo Aaarrrrrggh Daaaaattt?!?!?!?

Geaux Saints!

Just to give folks a sense of things in the Big Easy about the Saints game today ...

All of the major sections of the Sunday print version of the Times-Picayune (except for the Metro Section -- wassup wit dat?!?) had a front page story on the Saints and the Who Dat Nation.

It is true what "they" are saying out there: New Orleans will be awash with tears one way or the other this evening.

I hope they are tears of joy!

Saints 38, Vikings 21.

The two keys to victory -- and they're both defensive: (1) Pressuring Brett Favre; and (2) Containing Percy Harvin -- both on returns and from making receptions as a WR.

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eric said...

What a game that was. I was pulling for the Vikes, but the Saints certainly deserved the win. I wouldn't want to be Brett Favre today... I bet he feels like he was run over by a bulldozer 10 or 11 times, because that's basically what happened to him!

Congrats on the win. Good luck in the Big Game.