Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama vs. Congressional Republicans

This is why I admire and respect Obama. He faces down the GOP on their own turf and he methodically and intelligently breaks down and dismantles the empty partisanship of the GOP. And he does so in a way that demonstrates his clear command over, and impressive detailed knowledge of, the issues. He comes across as a serious leader committed to governing, while the GOP comes across as politicians less interested in co-governing and more interested in political grandstanding. How anyone can listen to Obama and think this man is the Muslim, anti-Christ, baby-killing, communist destroyer of all that is good and noble about America is simply delusional and hopelessly caught up in their own little ideological cocoon. Watch the whole exchange:

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1 comment:

andrew said...

Unfortunately its the democratic majority that is ruining his presidency. He's yelling at the wrong folks. :)

Any word on don't ask don't tell yet?