Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fallout from the Brown Win in MA

Here's an interesting summation and evaluation of the Brown victory in Massachusetts. Grim news for Democrats. But there was this little tidbit in the article that I wanted to address:

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said Obama has an opportunity to strike a more bipartisan approach.

"The president ought to take this as a message to recalibrate how he wants to govern and if he wants to govern from the middle we'll meet him there," he said.
That's pure b.s. Obama has been "governing from the middle," so to speak, since he came into office. So much so that he's ticked off the hard left. The Republicans, to a person, perhaps with the singular exception of my own House Rep, Republican Joseph Cao, have refused to even consider meeting Obama anywhere near the middle. My gut thinks it's time for Obama to tell the GOP to piss off, to go balls-to-the-wall left populist, and rabble rouse the left in preparation for an epic fight with the tea bagger right. Tit-for-tat and screw any efforts to compromise. Force the "Blue Dog" Democrats and the RINO squishes to take sides once and for all and to let the chips fall where they may. It's a recipe for a kind of civil war, but my irrational side takes some kind of solace in this notion. Left wing rage for right wing rage. And I think the left wing wins if this beast is unleashed. Albeit at great cost to the decency that this country stands for. My brain, though, tells me that Obama has forged the correct path in these trying times and that he should just keep cool and do what he can to govern as effectively as he can with those Republicans and Democrats willing to work with him. It is a compromise solution that absolutely no one likes in the gut, but which is perhaps the only way to really save the decency of this country. I'm trying to let my brain guide me, but the pull of the gut is strong.

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