Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Death of DADT

Yet another reason to cheer on the military brass, and especially Adm. Mike Mullen, for their commitment to justice and integrity.

I have to say that I wish the repeal of DADT would take place tomorrow, but I can't say that I'm not going to relish the slow, painful death it has coming.

It would be just too kind to end DADT with one fell swoop. Let the naysayers gnash their teeth, wail, and moan for a while. It will do them some good.

And then when they can bring themselves to look up from their self-flaggelation and look around to see that nothing has changed, they can just pick themselves up, dust themselves off, clear their throats, and go on about their business -- knowing full well that the closeted gay soldiers who served them well yesterday will still continue serving them well tomorrow.

I was down on Obama for his dithering on this issue; but the more I reflect on it, the more I realize that Obama has once again tackled this thing exactly as it needed to be tackled. If the goal is getting rid of this abomination once and for all, with buy-in from all the relevant actors and time for the reality to sink in such that the fallout is insignificant, Obama's strategy for doing precisely this is, I'm more and more convinced, the most effective strategy.

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eric said...

I tend to agree that if we're going to do this, Obama has picked a good strategy for doing it. It's not an issue I'm vested in one way or another, but I doubt the results will be earthshattering for either gays or for the military.