Thursday, December 31, 2009

Helena Moreno Candidacy Update

Well, Helena Moreno has decided not to run against Karen Carter Peterson and Irma Muse Dixon for the Louisiana State Senate District 5 seat:

Former television news anchor Helena Moreno, now communications director for businessman John Georges' mayoral campaign, indicated Tuesday that she was considering the Senate race.

On Wednesday, Moreno said she will remain on Georges' staff but would seek Peterson's 93rd District House seat if it becomes available.
Communications director for John Georges and an ardent Batt Girl. Hmmmm. Tells one a lot.

If Moreno runs for Peterson's 93rd District House seat, I won't have the chance to vote for her as I don't live in that district. But if she does run for this seat, I will still be following her campaign closely.

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Ricardo said...

Yo tambien estare vigilando esta candidatura. Si quiere usar si hispanidad solo para apariencias la tendremos que castigar.