Monday, December 28, 2009

The Decline of the Saints

First, who can be all that upset with the Saints. They still are at the top of the NFC and are very likely to win home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They'll still end up, regardless, with the best regular season record the franchise has ever seen.

But ...

Just when the Saints should be peaking, they appear to be falling apart. The defense seems incapable of stopping the run; and the offense is just not able to muster the same firepower that they did at the beginning of the season.

If Minnesota loses tonight, then my advice would be for the Saints to rest up all their starters and get ready for the playoffs. They should just write off next week's game against Carolina and broadcast to the world that they are writing off the game.

In this way, another loss won't be all that difficult to swallow.

However, if Minnesota wins tonight, then the Saints need to play to win next week.

If the Saints can't find their MoJo again, they are bound to lose their first playoff game in the Superdome.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, have a little faith.