Monday, December 14, 2009

The Rain, My Lord, The Rain

I have never seen so much rain outside of a Hurricane in my life. Just discovered that one part of the first floor/basement of my house floods when we get 3 inches or more of rain. I have discerned that this is due partly to a faulty drainage system on the side of my house. As soon as the rain stops and we dry out a bit, I'll have to fix this.

I hate rain.

I really, really hate rain.


If we were to go months without a single raindrop, I wouldn't mind at all.

Now why it is that I live in the sub-tropics of New Orleans if I loathe rain so much only God knows.

1 comment:

andrew said...

Because south Texas isn't blue enough for ya? :)

You have to admit though, we tend to be the right kind of conservative down here.