Monday, December 07, 2009

Mitch Landrieu For Mayor?

Hot Diggity! I think Mitch Landrieu took a cue from the Saints and their improbable last-minute heroics to snatch one from the Skins, and appears to be making his own effort to snatch the Mayor's race from an already crowded field.

Landrieu has got to be the front-runner for the job.

And I have to say that I like Landrieu. I really like Landrieu.

He's calm, poised, with lots of executive experience.

He's smart and well-liked. (Except for those Couhig conservatives who just can't seem to get beyond the Landrieu name.)

I have to say that Landrieu's entrance in the race pretty much transforms the entire dynamic completely.

Where that leaves the rest of the field, who knows? All I'm sure of now is that they're all scrambling to reposition themselves. Mitch will draw his support most significantly from the voters who would be leaning towards Jeff Georges and Leslie Jacobs, and even from the voters leaning towards James Perry.

I bet now we're likely to see either Georges or Jacobs pack it in before they spend too much of their own money on a fruitless campaign, and Perry likely to drift more towards the black voting constituency, though he's going to run into trouble here with Ed Murray, who is more of a black New Orleans machine candidate.

But who knows for sure? Man, it's getting interesting!

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vmm said...

I am so torn. . . . and feel a bit duped. I decided to go for supporting another candidate intentionally because Mitch wasn't running and now. I know lot's of people are excited but I'm not quite. V