Saturday, September 06, 2008

What's the Deal with Cable Service Complaints?

I'm about to reveal my biases here, but so be it. I'm listening to WWL870AM radio, and the programming now is dealing with Cox Cable outages. Now perhaps it's because I have managed to live without any TV in my home for the past 10 years, but I just can't bring myself to have any sympathy -- zip, zero, nada -- for those people who have electricity, water, and telephone services to be complaining to high heaven about their lack of cable. In fact, to listen to folks complaining about their lack of cable kinda disgusts me. What gives? Can people not survive without their 5 million gazillion trash cable TV shows? Really, with hundreds of thousands of people without electrical power to run air conditioners, stoves, refrigerators, lights, etc., the priority should continue to be the restoration of basic utility services fundamental for getting people back into their homes. Cox cable service just ain't that critical. So, please ... all you Cox cable customers sitting in the comfort of your air conditioned homes with your refrigerators stocked and your lights on, count your blessings and let WWL870 provide real public service information to people on matters much more critical to getting home and to survival than to your favorite cable TV mindnumbing garbage.


vmm said...

I wasn't listening to WWL, I get too worked up with that blather of callers. But for us, it's loss of land line and Internet - god forbid!!!!

Scott Harney said...

Cox provides primary land line telephone service including 911 in direct competition with Bellsouth. They also, of course, provide Internet connectivity.

Huck said...

vmm and scott - I'm not saying that folks shouldn't get on their phones with Cox cable and file complaints. What I am saying is that the use of WWL870 as a medium for doing so when that time can be used for the dissemination and discussion of information much more pertinent to survival. Of course, WWL870 can do whatever programming it wants; but it bothers me that cable service is given the "disaster emergency" treatment. To me, complaining about Cox Cable service in the context of "disaster emergency" public service radio, would be like complaining on WWL870 "disaster emergency" public service radio about not having Kentwood water delivery service.