Sunday, September 14, 2008

Viva Mexico!

Tomorrow, September 15, 2008, Mexican President Felipe Calderon will mark the 198th anniversity of Mexico's independence by issuing Miguel Hidalgo's famous "Grito de Dolores". Miguel Hidalgo can be considered Mexico's founding father. The "grito" reenactment is one of the most symbolic and patriotic expressions of Mexican nationalism. And it's quite a lively event. If you want to get a taste of what the "grito" ceremony looks like, here's last year's Presidential Grito:

If you are in the mood to celebrate Mexico's independence along with the citizens of our southern neighbor, stop in your favorite local watering hole tomorrow evening and make a friendly toast to Mexico with a fine tequila!


D-BB said...

I'm sorry Huck but I am not over that Alamo crap. Everytime I see that movie and Davy Crockett, I swear off Taco Bell.

Eric said...

Funny thing, d-bb, is that we seem to be following the same policies that caused Mexico to lose Texas:

-Unregulated immigration.
-Failure of immigrants to assimilate to the local culture.
-Vindictive political rhetoric (and realities) that cause immigrants to feel unwelcome, unrepresented, and possibly endangered.

Hell, Mexico could probalby take back half ot Texas today without much of a fight.

Huck said...

d-bb - Heh! But, you always go back. And the funny thing is that Taco Bell is really Tex-Mex, something Davy Crockett and Sam Houston probably enjoyed. No Mexican would ever claim Taco Bell to be part of their culinary culture. So to swear off Taco Bell is actually to protest the Texans, and put you squarely on the side of Santa Anna!

Huck said...

eric - You've got a point.

Anonymous said...

Taco Bell is NOT Tex Mex.

Huck said...

True, Cynthia, it's not really Tex Mex. Taco Bell is really its own creature. And though I, personally, like it for what it is, I can agree with you that it's not really representative of any kind of "authentic" ethnic cuisine.

But I do think that what it pretends to be is closer to what is Tex Mex, at least what is popularized as Tex Mex, than to any other kind of "Latin/o" cuisine. At least I think so.

No offense intended with my comment. But I am curious to hear how you would classify Taco Bell, and if you would consider it approaching any kind of ethnic-origin cuisine.

D-BB said...

Hey, Nuttin wrong with Taco Bell. Where else can you go where pimple plagued teens can run their grimey fingers thru every ingredient and aspect of your food and you wonder why you get the drizzly shits afterwards.

Uh, Huck, can u give me some help here. Not sure what my point is.

Respectully yours,

Huck said...

D-BB - Glad to help. Clearly, the point is that you think there's "Nuttin wrong" with having the drizzly sh*ts.

D-BB said...