Saturday, September 06, 2008

Spud McConnell and Barack Obama on Gustav

I was driving back to New Orleans this Wednesday and was listening to WWL870 for local radio coverage of the post-Gustav reality in New Orleans. I heard Spud McConnell take a call from Barack Obama. Now I can't find the transcript or the audio clip of this 3-4 minute exchange on WWL870's website; but as soon as I can find it I will post it. Let me just say that Spud McConnell was a grade-A dork during his exchange with Obama. Obama calls to express his solidarity and concern for the people affected by Gustav, and what does Spud do? He uses this moment as an opportunity to bludgeon Obama with a call for more oil drilling. Can you believe it?!?! Remember, now, this is Wednesday late morning/early afternoon. Most of us who evacuated only have scant knowledge about the conditions of our homes, and Spud decides that the most important thing he can talk to Obama about is the need for more oil drilling. It wasn't as if they were even talking about energy policy. Spud just injected a bit of this foolish Republican meme out of the clear blue into the conversation. Spud talks to the likely next President of the United States about the threat of hurricanes and its impact on peoples' lives and homes in the gulf coast, and his preferred subject is oil drilling? Sheesh! What a dork. Spud has no business being on the radio. If anyone can find this transcript, please let me know.


Kevin Allman said...

If you find it, I'd love to hear it. I had no idea that Obama called in to WWL.

Kelly said...

I heard this too. I can't remember many specifics except that Spud was obviously pushing a political agenda and I was somewhat bothered by the conversation. I am a fan of Spud's because WWL was my only link to the real world for a week after Katrina while I was on the Northshore.

I just wonder what Obama's expression was when he got off the phone.

Huck said...

Kevin - As soon as I can find that clip, or as soon as I hear anything about that clip, I'll update the posting.

kelly - Spud's a nice fella. But he's just not a good radio personality. I cringe sometimes when I hear him talk. His use of colloquialisms seems forced and sometimes his non-sequiturs are breathtaking. I scratch my head much more often listening to Spud than to any other personality on WWL. So, I don't want to deny folks their fondness for the guy; but as a talk radio personality, I think he's pretty terrible.