Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Huck Upchuck Cited in Da Paper

After having spoken with Gordon Russell at the end of last week about my experience in the I-59 contraflow during the recent Gustav evacuation, I suspected I might see The Huck Upchuck in the Times-Picayune at some point. And, lo and behold, here's Gordon's article, which appeared on the front page of the Sunday paper print edition.

Notwithstanding my little mention in the article, I think Gordon did an excellent, balanced, thoughtful, and pretty comprehensive piece. He certainly captured my feelings and the feelings of many others who were angry and frustrated with the process without making us seem like crackpot complainers; but he did also give fair representation to public officials who wanted to explain their side and who seem to want to do better the next time. He was about as objective as one can be in reporting a story and capturing its many sides. Well-done, Gordon.

Now, some of you might even get the chance to see how much better officials and the media actually do perform the next time. Hopefully, Gordon will be contacting one of you for that story update. As for me, unless we're in the direct path of a Category 3 hurricane or worse, I'm still planning to stay put.

UPDATE: Since I expect more traffic from this mention in the T-P, I'm going to do some shameless plugging here. If you are so inclined, please do check out these sites:

(1) Cuaderno Latinoamericano, or the Latin American Notebook, which is a blog that I use as a pedagogical tool to help my students at Tulane stay plugged in to current events and interesting bits of information about Latin America.
(2) LatiNola, which is a local non-profit group that I pertain to whose mission is to try to engage issues of importance to the local Latino community and to encourage this community to become more active and visible participants in the civic life of New Orleans.

UPDATE II: Also, for those who are interested in the blog entries that Gordon Russell cited or mentioned, there's They Lie, which he specifically mentioned and which I wrote while sitting in evacuation traffic, but which is very brief and much more emotionally raw; but the one he cited parts of is titled More Gustav Miscellanea, which is a more reflective posting I did some days after the fact.

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